Invited Speeches

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H20I. Politis, “Transportation Planning as a key policy instrument for climate change and growing urbanization”, Panel Discussion: Urban Planning in the context of climate change and Growing Urbanization, Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l'Europe – AEGEE, Conference: Smart Cities: can you hear the eco?, Thessaloniki, March 2018
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H17I. Politis, "Feasibility study of Thessaloniki's Metro's main line and its extension towards Kalamaria", Invited speech in the event of the Postgraduate Programs "Engineering Project Management" and "Planning, Organization and Management of Transport Systems" titled "Thessaloniki's Metro system: Desing, Planning and Construction", Thessaloniki, May 2017
H16Barmpas G., Kopsacheilis A., I. Politis, “Examining alternative scenarios in Aimsun, in order to upgrade a major city centre intersection. The case of the YMCA area in Thessaloniki, 14 th Annual Aimsun User Group Meeting, Athens, September 2016
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