Transport Engineering Laboratory


The Transport Engineering Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is operating within the framework of the university’s Civil Engineering Department, in the Division of Transport, Construction Management and Regional Development. It is specialised in the fields of Transportation Planning, Transportation Engineering, Traffic and Parking Management, Intelligent Transport Systems and Telematics, Assessment of Spatial and Environmental Impacts of Transport, Road Safety, Transport Economics, Organisation and Management of Freight Transportation Systems and Public Passenger Transport Systems including all means of transport.

More information regarding the activities of the laboratory can be found here.


The Transport Engineering Laboratory was established in 1978 by Prof. G. Giannopoulos (who served as Director until 2001) in parallel with the introduction of the teaching of the first specialized transport courses in Greece, but it commenced its full operation in January 1980 with the securing of sufficient personnel and resources. In 1982 with the establishment of Divisions (under the Law 1262), it was placed under the corresponding Division of Transport.

For over three decades, its main aim has been the support of academic education in transport engineering, the promotion of applied research on transport, the connection of the scientific know-how to the engineering practice and the development and implementation of innovative tools and techniques. During this time the academic and research activities of the Laboratory have been developed at a great degree.

It is in constant cooperation with various national and international organisations in the framework of academic activities and research projects both in Greece and abroad. In addition, since 2003 the Transport Engineering Laboratory in collaboration with the Department of Rural and Surveying Engineering and the Hellenic Institute of Transport offers the Postgraduate Course ‘Planning, Organisation and Management of Transport Systems’, which is operating under the auspice of the Civil Engineering Department.

It should be mentioned that during all these years the Laboratory is being supported in its scientific and research activities by a great number of PhD candidates and a network of external researchers.