Postgraduate Programme Title: Planning, Organization and Management of Transport Systems

PTR8Amprasi B., "Evaluation of the pedestrian level of service along the coastal front of Thessaloniki at the height of Niki's avenue usng the pedestrian simulation software Viswalk and proposals for its holistic improvements", 2018 PDF
PTR7Takatzoglou K., "Standard logit and mixed logit models comparison with respect to the accuracy of correct representation of mode choice process", 2018 PDF
PTR6Papadopoulos E., "Correlation of road safety indicators with the integration of land use, demographic and road traffic data, through the development of Geographically Weighted Regression Models (GWR)", 2017 PDF
PTR5Fyrogenis I., "Exploring survival analysis applications in transportation domain and development of survival models for the time-event simulation of mobility events, travel preferences and choices", 2017 PDF
PTR4Katkadigkas R., "Management and analysis of massive data (big data) of the public bicycle users in the city of Thessaloniki by using the programming language R", 2016 PDF
PTR3Pouliasis M., "Mining mobility data, preferences, needs, and psychometric characteristics of social network users", 2016 PDF
PTR2Vazakidis A., "Apply the narcissistic personality inventory test (NPI) and the correlation with the individual characteristics of road behaviour, mobility and motivation to change", 2015 PDF
PTR1Aivazidou E., "Development of time series and regression models for assessing the impact of economic crisis on the maritime passenger and freight traffic in Greece", 2015 PDF

Postgraduate Programme Title: Engineering Project Management

PPM3Balla C., Use of Multi-criteria Theory for the selection of the optimal package of measures in a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, 2019
PPM2Strataki A., Investigation on willingness to pay in order to reduce environmental impacts by the construction of surface fixed track transport, 2018 PDF
PPM1Pantelidou E., Use of parametric lognormal equations to determine the value of statistical life through targeted public awareness campaigns, 2016 PDF